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Payments & open banking

Fast onboarding, good prices, tailored approach


Account to account payments with no one in between

We offer an easy way to accept open banking account to account SEPA credit transfers. You might've seen that payment method being called “Bank transfer” or simply by the bank name. It's the cheapest and most reliable way to receive money directly from your customer.

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You can receive those payments to any of your bank accounts that accept SEPA c2b payments. If you don't have such account it is not a problem, as we also provide bank accounts for you.

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Do you have lots of merchants on your own? Use the white-label solution to sell the Open Banking SEPA deposits under your branding.

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Imagine being able to target your customers in the right way: knowing what they like to buy, when they like to shop and how much they can afford.

Personalise e-commerce utilities with a customised approach:

  • Verification
  • Spending categories
  • Special offers recommendation
  • Risk factor lookup
  • Risk factor lookup

These and many more could revolutionise your customers' experience.

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Accept payments from behind the counter with our mobile POS application, without the need to install payment terminals or additional equipment.

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In order to have full control and flexibility in building end products, we have created the the platform for building marketplaces, which allows us to build feature-rich mobile and web applications for end customers.

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The App

Our favourite mobile application, where we use our technology to solve the problems we have with the old banking applications.

  • Collect money with a personal payment link or QR code
  • Send money to friends
  • Analyse your spend
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